Star Couples Who Confidently Showcase Their Love

korean celebrity couples 2024
korean celebrity couples 2024
Credit: Xports News

Celebrity couples are back in the spotlight after Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun’s sweet appearance at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Suzy, Park Bo Gum, and Shin Dong Yeop hosted the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards, held on May 7th at the Coex in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Lee Do Hyun, currently serving in the Air Force military band, also made headlines with his attendance.

lee do hyun lim ji yeon
Credit: iMBC

The actor took home the Best New Actor award for his role in Exhuma, which drew over 10 million viewers. Still in his uniform, Lee Do Hyun joked, “I just got discharged this morning. Guess I should’ve listened to everyone and prepared a speech.”

He then showered gratitude on the film’s director, Jung Jae Hyun, his fellow actors Choi Min Sik, Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun

He then acknowledged the film’s immense challenge and expressed his deep gratitude to his family for their unwavering support. Following this, he stole the show with a sweet shout-out to his girlfriend, Lim Ji Yeon, saying, ‘Thank you, Ji Yeon!’

>> Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon Share Sweet Moments at the Baeksang Arts Awards

Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun went public with their relationship on April 1st last year. Just four months later, Lee Do Hyun enlisted in the Air Force military band, making Lim Ji Yeon his official “gomshin” (a term for the girlfriend of someone in the military).

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon won Best Supporting Actress at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards last year. She dropped a hint about her relationship with Lee Do Hyun during her acceptance speech, sparking dating rumors even before they officially confirmed it. “I want to thank Song Hye Kyo, Yeom Hye Ran, Jung Sung Il, all my fellow actors in the drama, and even Do Hyun,” she said, hinting at their connection formed while filming The Glory.

They also shared sweet brunch date on their Instagram stories this year, despite being physically apart from eash other due to his military service.

Similarly, other celebrity couples who openly show affection have been grabbing headlines lately.

lee mi joo dating
Credit: Lee Mi Joo Instagram

Lee Mi Joo and Song Bum Keun took the top spot for the cutest couple reveal on April 18th with their obvious “love-stagrams.” They threw caution to the wind and posted photos with identical backgrounds, catching fans’ eyes by holding the same food in each picture. Plus, they couldn’t escape notice with their matching rings.

Lee Mi Joo spilled the tea about her boyfriend on MBC’s Hangout with Yoo. She revealed, “He was pretty happy about going public, but also a little nervous because, well, I’m kind of popular.” She also made headlines with her honest comments, like, “We were ‘jamanchu’ (basically, we met naturally, not on a blind date)” and “Don’t let his tough look fool you, he’s actually super cute and funny!”.

Lee Chae Min and Ryu Da In
Credit: TV Report, Stardailynews

Rookie actors Lee Chae Min and Ryu Da In sparked dating rumors thanks to their “love-stagrams” and some eagle-eyed fans. They quickly confirmed their relationship instead of staying quiet, becoming another official couple in the young adult K-Drama scene.

They first met filming tvN’s Crash Course in Romance. In a recent interview with Xportsnews after wrapping TVING’s Pyramid Game, Ryu Da In shared, “Thank you for the support! Our relationship is going strong.”

Talking about their public dates and social media posts, she explained, “Honestly, it’s just me. I’m not good at hiding things. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I really tried to keep our relationship private. We wore masks and hats, but I guess we still got caught. We didn’t expect this much attention.”

>> Ryu Da In and Lee Chae Min Promise Happiness Together in Light of Romance Rumors

Jung Eun Chae and Kim Chung Jae
Credit: iMBC, Kim Chung Jae’s Instagram

Jung Eun Chae and Kim Chung Jae confirmed their relationship last month and became another couple grabbing headlines with their “love-stagrams.” They weren’t shy about sharing photos with the same studio background, sparking fans’ curiosity. On April 21st, both sides officially acknowledged their relationship, describing it as a stage of “getting to know each other.”

Their social media posts became a hot topic after their announcement. Both Jung Eun Chae and Kim Chung Jae are the same age, born in 1986, and share a background in acting and the arts. It seems their common interests might have played a role in bringing them together.

lee jang woo girlfriend
Credit: Hunus Entertainment, SWMP

Lee Jang Woo and Jo Hye Won confirmed their love last June. While their wedding plans are on hold, they still share sweet updates about their romance. The actor even recently appeared on Kian84’s YouTube channel and revealed, “I want a big family.”

On April 7th, Han Ye Seul, who’s been dating a non-celebrity boyfriend 10 years younger for years, announced she officially tied the knot. Fans are showering her with congratulations on this unexpected news.

Additionally, eyewitness accounts on IU-Lee Jong Suk, Choi Soo Young-Jung Kyung Ho, and Kim Woo Bin-Shin Mina have been reported, adding to the support for these couples confidently continuing their love.

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