BTS V’s Past Story Fuels Fire in HYBE’s Mistreatment Allegations

bang si hyuk and bts
bang si hyuk and bts
Credit: SBS

BTS’s V‘s past comments are shining a new light on recent allegations against Bang Si Hyuk.

Back in 2019, V guested on the SBS Chuseok special BTS Variety Chronicles (literal translation) alongside Bang Si Hyuk. During the show, V shared a funny story from his trainee days that Bang Si Hyuk took a whole year to finally remember his name.

V recalled, “After a monthly evaluation, I was heading to the convenience store with RM when we bumped into Bang Si Hyuk. I said hi, but he totally forgot who I was and asked Namjoon, ‘Hey, who’s that next to you?’ I had to remind him, ‘It’s Taehyung!’ This happened for a whole year, can you believe it?”

This resurfaced story comes after a media report on May 13th. The report revealed an email sent by NewJeans’ parents to HYBE, where they accused Bang Si Hyuk of consistently ignoring the group.

>> NewJeans’ Parents Slam Bang Si Hyuk for “Ignoring” Their Daughters, HYBE Responds

The parents expressed their frustration: “We are confused as to why President Bang Si Hyuk ignores and avoids greeting the NewJeans members whenever they encounter him in the company building. We have heard from multiple members that they felt belittled and awkward, standing blankly in the elevator or feeling like he pretended not to see them. It’s childish and upsetting, especially considering the members are just teenagers.”

The allegations have sparked renewed criticism of Bang Si Hyuk’s leadership and his handling of artists within HYBE. The timing intensifies tensions between Bang Si Hyuk and Min Hee Jin, who heads HYBE’s ADOR sub-label. Questions are arising about potential favoritism within the company, which may be fueling their purported discord. As HYBE confronts these challenges, addressing matters of fairness and ensuring respect for all artists will be essential for fostering a more positive and cohesive company culture.

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