NewJeans’ Parents Slam Bang Si Hyuk for Ignoring Their Daughters, HYBE Responds

Bang Si Hyuk NewJeans
NewJeans’ Parents Slam Bang Si Hyuk for Disrespecting Their Daughters
Bang Si Hyuk NewJeans
Credit: HYBE, ADOR

It has been revealed that the conflict between HYBE and its subsidiary ADOR began with Bang Si Hyuk’s alleged mistreatment of the members of NewJeans.

Daily Sports reported today that the parents of NewJeans have raised concerns about HYBE’s alleged unfair treatment of the bandmates. The parents are particularly worried about HYBE launching another girl group with a similar concept to NewJeans, believing it would create confusion and unfair competition between the two groups within the same agency. This information comes from an email sent by the parents of Minji, Hanni, Haerin, Danielle, and Hyein to ADOR on March 31st.

The parents of NewJeans stated in the email, “We are curious why Chairman Bang Si Hyuk would ignore and avoid greeting the members of NewJeans whenever they encountered him in the company.” They continued, “We initially brushed it off, thinking the chairman might not have recognized them. However, after it happened several times – on different days, in different parts of the building, even when they were alone with him – there was no way he couldn’t have known who they were.”

“Even if he didn’t know they were NewJeans, it’s basic courtesy to return a greeting if someone greets you first,” the parents wrote in the email. “Was it really that difficult to exchange greetings in the company?” They continued, “We were shocked and saddened as parents to hear stories like our children standing awkwardly in the elevator or feeling like he was pretending not to see them. They are still just young adolescent kids who are in middle or high school.”

The parents of NewJeans also argued that HYBE’s actions were problematic. They claimed that some members of NewJeans were initially promised to be part of the first girl group launched by HYBE but they were on the verge of giving up their dreams while waiting for their extended debut at Source Music. The parents added that this situation was an absolute nightmare for the members.

HYBE Responds to ADOR’s Allegations
Credit: HYBE Insight

In response to the allegations, HYBE has issued a statement expressing their disappointment with Min Hee Jin’s actions and accusing her of using artists and their families for personal gain.

HYBE claims to have evidence that Min Hee Jin’s motives were not genuine and that she was instead trying to seize control of the company and pursue her own interests. They allege that Min Hee Jin suggested using the parents of NewJeans members to pressure HYBE, knowing that doing so would not violate her shareholder agreement. HYBE also claims that the email sent by the parents was actually written by Min Hee Jin and her associate rather than the parents themselves.

HYBE has stated that they will be submitting this to investigative and judicial authorities. They further expressed that she is using artists as shields and exploiting their parents for her own benefit. HYBE urged Min Hee Jin to refrain from such actions and to prioritize the protection of the artists’ value.

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