OMEGA X’s Current Agency IPQ Takes Legal Stand on Spire Entertainment’s Distortions

omega x agency
omega x agency
Credit: IPQ

IPQ, the current agency of OMEGA X, has hinted at legal retaliation.

IPQ released a statement on the 21st, expressing, “Some YouTubers are seriously distorting the truth by unilaterally planning biased content based on their own claims in favor of OMEGA X’s former agency, Spire Entertainment.”

The agency emphasized, “After verifying the truth with the former manager of OMEGA X and the journalist who reported the related incident, and reviewing the entire record of the incident at the time news broke out, we’ve confirmed that all the stories claimed by Spire Entertainment and the YouTube channel are false.”

IPQ stressed the following points: 1) OMEGA X obtained a lawful decision from the court after acknowledging the assault, verbal abuse, and threats from Spire Entertainment and subsequently signed an exclusive contract with a new agency 2) Claims that OMEGA X moved to a new agency for financial reasons are false 3) There was no financial intervention from Danal Entertainment.

Furthermore, they added, “The claims suggesting that (the Spire Entertainment executive) was acquitted of allegations of sexual violence against OMEGA X members are entirely baseless and untrue.” The statement continued, “We have secured ample evidence of sexual violence committed by the former agency’s representative beyond the evidence presented in media.”

Lastly, they also hinted at legal action against the YouTuber and the act’s former agency. IPQ emphasized, “We can no longer overlook the unilateral termination of the agreement by Spire Entertainment and the act of distorting the truth. We will continue to take strong legal action against all situations that damage the activities and recovery of OMEGA X.”

A YouTuber had previously claimed that OMEGA X’s exit from Spire Entertainment was a sort of tempering (stealing artists). Additionally, they also added that the members’ claims of being victims of sexual crimes were planned acts.

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