Panic and Chaos Erupt on Seoul Subway as Fans Scream in Reaction to Tatto on BTS’ Suga

bts fandom controversy
bts fandom controversy
Credit: Online Community

A crowd of public transit users in Seoul went into a panic on Subway Line 9.

Passengers were injured while evacuating on Subway Line 9 on August 6th at 8:40 PM. Confusion around the incident grew further as it was rumored to be a stabbing or a gas leak.

A crowd of people rushed outside as the subway stopped at Sinnonhyeon Station, causing seven people physically injured. According to those at the scene, more people could have been injured as people were pushed away from each other while others fell down.  

bts fandom controversy
Credit: Online Community

Police officers and firefighters were quickly dispatched to the scene and searched for any potential threat inside the subway. But there was neither a gas leak nor a person with a weapon.

It turned out that the incident occurred due to the fans returning home from BTS’ Suga’s concert. A group of his fans started to scream on the subway when Suga revealed the tattoo on his arm during the live broadcast he turned on after the concert. Hearing some people sitting in front suddenly screaming out, people began fleeing the train without knowing what was really happening inside. The videos of such a chaotic scene were uploaded to social media and quickly spread online. 

Netizens heard the news and said, “How can they scream that loud on the subway?,” “It’s beyond the understanding. Those who screamed could have caused a huge disaster” and “The subway is not a concert venue,” criticizing Suga’s fans for their thoughtless behaviours in a public place.

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