Kim Hee Chul Puts Feud Rumors With NamKoong Min to Rest: ‘We’re Still Good Friends’

Credit: Jang Do Yeon YouTube Channel

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Kim Hee Chul spilled the beans on what really went down between him and Namkoong Min on Jang Do Yeon’s popular YouTube channel, Salon Drip.

In a Youtube video titled “When Manchild Kim Hee Chul Steps into the Aristocratic Salon Drip,” uploaded on July 4th, the charming entertainer opened up about a particular incident that took place during their joint guest appearance on tvN’s Life Bar. “I’m pretty sure that video is still out there,” said the singer, referring to the unforgettable moment when Namkoong Min playfully schooled him with subtle yet sharp advice.

Setting the record straight, Hee Chul clarified, “I actually had a good laugh watching it. He and I have become close since then, but I think people blew the situation out of proportion. Min felt sorry about it because some viewers thought he genuinely had hard feelings towards me. But it was all in the spirit of the show and for entertainment purposes. I even attended his wedding, and we’re still good friends.”

Speaking about the incident, Hee Chul shared, “The whole thing just snowballed out of control. While discussing it with the producer and Min, we thought about taking action to clarify, but we decided to let it go.” He added, “In the end, we’re all part of the show, right?”

Kim Hee Chul shared, “I’m more than happy to embrace such roles, and I hope viewers enjoy seeing me in them.”

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