Why It Took Namkoong Min 25 Years to Buy His Own House

namgoong min house
namgoong min house
Credit: 935 Entertainment

The reason it took Namkoong Min 25 years to purchase his own house despite his high acting fees has become a hot topic.


The house for Namkoong Min and Jin Ah Reum, who only tied the knot this year, was unveiled on tvN’s Free Doctor on the 29th. The couple started their marriage in Namkoong Min’s house, which holds special significance for him. Host Oh Sang Jin noted, “I understand this house means a lot to him.”

Previously on MBC’s I Live Alone, Namkoong Min unveiled his home to the public. At the time, he revealed, “It’s my first owned house after years of paying monthly rent, so it carries great significance,” sparking curiosity.

Co-host Lee Ji Hye commented, “Namkoong Min has been in the industry for a long time. It’s intriguing why he only got his own house recently.”

A reporter explained, “Namkoong Min bags about 200 million won (about $151,000) per episode. Despite this, he prioritized his earnings to set up homes for his parents and siblings first, which is why it took him so long.”

The house that Namkoong Min purchased was worth 1.4 billion won (about $ 1.1 million) in 2017, the year he bought it. However, it’s currently estimated to be worth about 3 billion won (about $2.3 million).

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