Curated Playlist: Creative and Experimental K-pop Songs Released Under Music Producers’ Names

experimental kpop songs

Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Eungee Joh

experimental kpop songs
Credit: MILLIC/IOAH/Lil Moshpit/250 Instagram

The producer who creates their own music albums is known as an artist-producer or producer artist. They take on both the producer and artist roles to fully express their unique artistic vision through their own music.

Producing their own albums grants artist producers the freedom to experiment with diverse sounds and foster creativity. This autonomy enables them to explore their artistic potential and create cohesive works that reflect their personal style.

By producing their own albums, artist-producers maintain consistency throughout the project, aligning their music with their artistic vision and securing their own identity.

Through this approach, artist-producers can showcase the diversity and a wide musical spectrum. They can experiment with different genres, collaborate with other artists, and integrate various musical elements into their work. This creative freedom allows them to push boundaries, explore new sounds, and provide unique and distinctive musical experiences.

Producing their own albums can also be an opportunity for artist-producers to establish themselves as solo artists and expand their career opportunities. They can develop their own brand, build a fan base, and differentiate themselves within the music industry. By showcasing their skills as producers and performers, they establish a unique artistic identity and gain recognition for their talent.

Just like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and Calvin Harris became well-known as producer artists in the global music scene, there are more and more producers in the K-pop scene releasing albums under their own names.

This playlist includes the first comeback album of FANXY CHILD’s MILLIC in 6 years, a double single showcasing the new side of hip-hop producer IOAH, the solo album of groovyroom’s hwimin, and the latest album “PPONG” by 250.


~ – Full Album

IOAH – Sillage (Visualizer)

I’ve Begun Contemplating the Epiphany of Existence – Full Album

Lil Moshpit – Yooooo (MV)

AAA – Full Album

250 – Bang Bus (MV)

PPONG – Full Album

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