Curated Playlist: Listening to K-POP Anew in Remix Versions

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Edited by Han Sung Soo
Translated by Eungee Joh


Remixing has become a flourishing phenomenon in the global music industry. Sam Smith recently collaborated with renowned artists like Disclosure and David Guetta to release a remix version of “Unholy,” bringing a renewed energy to the pop scene. South Korea, known for its trend-savvy culture, is no stranger to this phenomenon. The Korean music scene has witnessed a surge of talented artists who bring their unique perspectives and styles to reinterpret popular tracks, expanding their creativity beyond remixes and into the realm of remakes. Here, we will explore the latest projects of MILIC, BRLLNT, and MALLIB, which have played a significant role in shaping the evolution of the remix culture.


MILIC, a renowned producer with a DJ background, has carved out a prominent position for himself through his dynamic remixes that transcend various genres, such as hip-hop, R&B, and electronic. With intricate production and innovative soundscapes, he revitalizes well-known tracks, offering listeners a renewed perspective. His talent truly shines through his knack for seamlessly blending genres and pushing the boundaries of remix culture. Notably, MILIC has masterfully transformed popular songs like Room 306’s “Belief” and Crush’s “Oasis,” showcasing his distinct ability to infuse genres harmoniously and expand the horizons of remix artistry.


BRLLNT is making a splash in the remixing scene, quickly rising as a star with his creative and genre-defying music. His music boldly blend elements of trap, future bass, and experimental sounds, offering a refreshing take on each track he tackles. Notably, his adaptations of “OMG” by New Jins and “Girls” by aespa exemplify BRLNT’s knack for delighting listeners with surprising twists and innovative sonic explorations.


MALLIB, the youngest member of 360 Sounds, is a versatile DJ who effortlessly crosses various genres such as hip-hop, electronic, and future bass. His music captivates listeners with its intricate melodies, atmospheric textures, and meticulous attention to detail. His covers of DJ Soulscape’s “People” and BADS’ “Running Out of Love” demonstrate his ability to creatively and emotionally reinterpret popular tracks.

TNX – LOVE or Die

TNX is an idol group that emerged from the survival program Loud under the management of P Nation, the label founded by PSY. Their most known song, “LOVE or DIE,” has been remade into new tracks through the collaboration of Rad Museum, SOLE, and Glen Check.

Rad Museum


Glen Check

BADS –Running Out of Love (feat. AleXa)

“Running Out of Love” is a song by the Korean virtual producer group BADS, which gained popularity with the participation of AleXa. This song was also featured in the MIXTAPE series, showcasing the involvement of DJs and producers active in Korea. MAALIB, famous for his K-POP remixes, teamed up with YUNJI, hip-hop producer HECOP, and rapper EXN for this project.





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