Kim Seon Ho’s Debut Film ‘The Childe’ Wins Rave Reviews and Ranks 4th in the Weekly Box Office

the childe kim seon ho
the childe kim seon ho

Kim Seon Ho’s debut film, The Childe, is garnering positive reviews as the only R-rated movie in the top 10 box office list.


According to data released by the Korea Film Promotion Commission on June 26th, The Childe is receiving enthusiastic reviews from audiences, despite its R-rating. The film follows the journey of Marco, a boxer of mixed descent, who finds himself embroiled in the underground fight scene in the Philippines due to his troubled past. His life takes a dramatic turn when he becomes the target of a dangerous group, including a mysterious figure known as the Childe.

Audiences who have seen the movie are praising it, calling it “the most thrilling film of the year,” and expressing their captivation, stating that time flies by during the two-hour runtime. They describe The Childe as a unique blend of a noir action film directed by Park Hoon Jung, featuring dark humor. The film’s powerful action scenes, intriguing characters, and tightly woven storyline with twists and humor have garnered further acclaim. Viewers comment on the film’s excellent direction, performances, and overall enjoyment, highlighting the cathartic action sequences and engaging chemistry among the actors.

As of June 25th, The Childe secured the fourth spot in the weekly box office rankings with 347,793 viewers, following The Roundup: No Way Out, Elemental and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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