‘The Childe’ First Review: ‘Exceptionally Compelling’, ‘A Film Tailor-made for Kim Seon Ho’

kim seon ho movie
kim seon ho movie
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Director Park Hoon Jung made a wise choice in placing his trust in Kim Seon Ho. He shines in his debut film The Childe with a strong screen presence that leaves you wondering why he didn’t venture into movies sooner. With his unique looks agile movements and impressive action sequences, he effortlessly takes over the screen with his charisma. The performances of Kang Tae Joo, Kim Kang Woo, and Go Ara are also impressive. Director Park Hoon Jung, known for New World and The Witch series, shows a noticeable shift in his style. Let’s take a look at what the press had to say about the film at the screening.

Star Today: The director’s sharp vision, intelligence and willingness to take risks in showcasing the best aspects of the characters and actors truly shine through. We are completely engrossed in the characters, their dialogues, the genre, and the thrilling action sequences from start to finish. It is a delightful signal that marks the birth of a new muse for the director and announces the welcome blast-off of Kim Seon Ho’s new heyday.

iMBC: Kim Seon Ho impressively brings The Child to life, a character who paradoxically combines a cheerful demeanor with a deadly profession. This marks a departure from his previous TV drama roles, revealing a whole new side of him. The dynamic wire action scenes, featuring the two leads, offer an exciting viewing experience like a Korean superhero film.

kim seon ho movie
Credit: NEW

Sports KoreaThe Childe is a film that encompasses all the elements audiences expect from Director Park Hoon Jung’s movies. It combines a gloomy noir tone, mysterious characters and a fast-paced narrative that portrays intense pursuit while maintaining a touch of wit. Instead of asking why, viewers can simply enjoy the thrill of the chase itself.

Joy News 24The Childe is undoubtedly a film tailor-made for Kim Seon Ho, as his character takes center stage throughout the majority of the movie. He truly shines in the thrilling action scenes, effortlessly handling everything from high-speed car chases and impressive wire stunts to intense gunfights and authentic hand-to-hand combat. With his powerful presence and fierce expression, he brings an unprecedented level of intensity to the role and the movie.

Ten Asia: It’s surprisingly intriguing to witness Kim Seon Ho effortlessly uttering swear words with his innocent-looking face. It’s also a pleasure to discover a new and unexpected aspect of his talent. Especially in his fearless action sequences, we can glimpse the genuine dedication and passion he brought to this project.

#TheChilde introduces a one-of-a-kind killer! The film follows the story of a former Copino boxer who finds himself in perilous situations upon arriving in Korea. The enigmatic assassin keeps us guessing whether he’s a friend or a foe. Trust becomes a luxury, and alliances are nonexistent. Director Park Hoon Jung delivers an intriguing action film that surprisingly captivates and entertains.

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