‘Korea’s Got Talent’ Star Choi Sung Bong Found Dead, Hateful Comments Swarm His Final Post

Choi Sung Bong dies
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Popera singer Choi Sung Bong, who had been embroiled in controversy over false claims of having cancer, has been reported to have passed away.

According to the police, Choi Sung Bong was found dead at his residence in Seoul on June 20th at 9:41 AM. He was only 33 years old.

Choi Sung Bong rose to fame as the runner-up on the widely acclaimed TV show Korea’s Got Talent in 2011. However, in May 2020, he made headlines by disclosing his supposed battle with stage 3 colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, hypothyroidism, and thyroid cancer. He initiated a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to gather financial support.

However, doubts soon emerged regarding the authenticity of Choi Sung Bong’s illness. Despite his repeated denials, he took to his fan community to express his apologies, stating, “I am sorry for causing misunderstandings and disappointment. I will refund the donations to those who have requested it. Regrettably, I currently possess a mere 6,480 won ($5.75). I will do my best to gather the funds and return them before I leave. Once again, I apologize for any disappointment.”

Following his apology, TV programs featuring Choi Sung Bong halted their rerun services. As a figure who had previously captivated audiences with his journey on the show, he faced criticism for deceiving the public. Reports surfaced that he had taken on part-time jobs in restaurants to earn money for refunding the donations.

In June 2023, a year after the revelation of his false cancer battle, Choi Sung Bong shared a message with his followers on his YouTube community. He wrote, “Since 2011 until now, I have received a lot of interest and love from many people. I sincerely thank you all.” He further stated, “Although this is my last post, I have decided to bury the love I received from all of you deeper in my heart.”

He continued, “I sincerely apologize to those who have suffered due to my foolish mistakes. I have returned the donations to everyone who inquired about the refund over the past two years. Now, I am ready to pay the price for my wrongdoing with my life,” he added, sharing his farewell.

Currently, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Choi Sung Bong’s passing, considering the evidence at the scene and a written note. They are also conducting interviews with his family and acquaintances to gain further insights.

Meanwhile, his recent post has been flooded with malicious comments such as: “It’s unfortunate he passed away, but taking his own life seems irresponsible,” “Is his death even true? Could it be another false claim?,” “Why is it a trend nowadays to announce your own death and how it will happen?,” “Instead of seeking extreme actions, why not live sincerely and focus on what you truly want? Seriously, what do you want from people?”

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