Chinese Member Zhang Hao Wins First Place: The Emotional Moments from ‘Zero Base One’ Debut

zhang hao boys planet
zhang hao boys planet
Credit: Mnet

The debut group name for the top 9 contestants of Boys Planet has been decided as Zero Base One, aka ZB1. The confirmed members are Kim Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Kim Tae Rae, Ricky, Kim Gyu Vin, Park Gun Wook, and Han Yu Jin.

On the 20th, Mnet’s Boys Planet aired its final episode, revealing the long-awaited final members of its project group.

Zhang Hao took home the top honor, claiming first place. Overwhelmed with emotion, Zhang Hao tearfully asked, “Is this a dream?” He continued, “The most important thing is my gratitude towards the Star Creators who have supported me for three months. I sincerely thank you.” He then expressed his determination as a member of ZB1, vowing to never forget his initial aspirations.

Sung Hanbin, who secured second place, expressed his gratitude to the Star Creators and shared, “The dream of becoming an idol as a late bloomer was both challenging and uncertain. However, thanks to the Star Creators, it became a warm spring day.” Seok Matthew, who finished third, shed tears, saying, “I couldn’t believe it when everyone told me at the dorm that everything would work out well. I’m truly grateful for your support. I’ve been running towards this dream for two years, and now I’m so happy to achieve it.”

zhang hao boys planet
Credit: Mnet

Ricky, who ranked fourth, said, “Today feels like a dream. It seems like I’ve achieved my dream through this show.” He expressed his gratitude to the Star Creators, saying, “I’m so thankful for your support and for giving me the opportunity to debut.” Park Gun Wook secured fifth place, and while holding back tears, he said, “I’m so nervous and can’t believe it. That’s why I can’t cry,” and “After I ranked 12th last time, I had almost given up and just thought to do my best on the stage. Thank you so much for this fifth place.”

Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, and Kim Jiwoong also joined the final lineup, ranking sixth, seventh, and eighth, respectively. Kim Taerae said, “I was so happy to perform on such a big stage with amazing friends. It was truly an honor.” Kim Gyubin tearfully thanked the Star Creators, saying, “I could come this far because of your love and attention.” He then continued, “My parents are here, and I really want to tell them that I am grateful for giving birth to them.”

Lastly, Han Yu Jin joined ZB1 as the ninth member. He said, “I’m grateful to the Star Creators,” and also thanked his supportive family, adding, “I think I’ve become your proud son now.”

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