Moon Chae Won Says She’s Satisfied with Everything About ‘Payback: Money and Power’

moon chae won payback
moon chae won payback

Moon Chae Won talked about finishing her drama Payback: Money and Power.

The final episode of SBS’s Payback ended with Eun Yong (Lee Sun Kyun), Jun Kyung (Moon Chae Won), and Tae Choon (Kang Yoo Seok) punishing Hwang Ki Seok (Park Hoon) and Chairman Myung (Kim Hong Pa) and serving justice.

“I thought more about the process than the result while filming,” Moon Chae Won said. “More people than I expected said that they had fun watching the show, so I felt rewarded.”

For the actress, who’s shown confidence in the rom-com or romance genre, Payback wasn’t an easy project. “Actually, when I first read the script, I was quite confused. I thought what the message the writer wanted to convey through the drama was an ‘exhilarating revenge drama,’ but as I watched it with affection, I think the humanistic elements were also well portrayed.”

Moon Chae Won teamed up with Lee Sun Kyun in the drama strictly as work partners without any sort of romance between them.

To the question, “Wasn’t it hard not to have romance in the project?” the actress, who’s well-known for her chemistry with her co-stars, replied, “It wasn’t as difficult as I thought.” She went on, “Actually, I asked the writer in a meeting before the shooting. I knew (Eun Yong and Jun Kyung) weren’t going to be lovers, but I thought they might have had feelings for each other in the past, but the answer was no.”

“He told me, ‘They’ve relied on each other like family with zero romance between them, so don’t worry about that kind of relationship.’ And that made everything simple for me. It’d have been tougher to act if there was something ambiguous between them,” she elaborated.

moon chae won payback

Moon Chae Won then thanked the Flower of Evil team for their support. “They watched the show from episode 1 for me,” she said with a smile. “But I barely show up in episode 1, so I took a picture of me on the TV and shared it on the chatroom (laughs). The actors wrote, ‘You should’ve told us if you are barely on the show,’ so I told them I get way more screen time from episode 3. That kind of support is impossible without love, so I was just grateful.”

Having finished her drama, Moon Chae Won will be getting ready for the release of No Kids (literal title), her new movie with Kwon Sang Woo. “It’s a rom-com movie you can enjoy with your family,” she commented. “Once the release date is confirmed, I’ll be doing a lot of promotions. And I want to communicate closely with the audience.”

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