3 Keywords of Upcoming Disney Plus Series’ Call It Love’

call it love drama

Disney Plus has revealed the three keywords of its upcoming series Call It Love.

Keyword 1. Revenge

Two people who shouldn’t have met get involved in a revenge plot!

 call it love drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Call It Love tells an emotional love story of a woman who jumps into revenge even though she wasn’t built for one and a man who’s too pitiful to be the target of revenge. Kim Young Kwang plays Han Dong Jin, the CEO of Jeonram Fairs and the target of Woo Ju’s revenge. And Lee Sung Kyung becomes Woo Ju, a woman who plots revenge after losing the house of her memory. Woo Ju approaches Dong Jin with her unique tenacity so she can make him get a taste of his own medicine, and even their first encounter is unusual, raising curiosity as to where their relationship will be heading.

Keyword 2. Romance

They keep their eyes on each other, and it’s heart-fluttering!

call it love drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung are already raising expectations for the relationship that goes from revenge to heart-fluttering romance. In particular, Dong Jin and Woo Ju are two individuals full of pain that they never even had a chance to look after themselves. But when these two start to care for, understand, and grow curious of each other, they will start to open up more, increasing the level of immersion.

Keyword 3. Sympathy

A special story that anyone can relate to is coming!

call it love drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Lastly, Call It Love will draw sympathy from everyone with its solid story that melts in reality well. A universal story that anyone can relate to, such as love, friendship, and family love, comes alike with Director Lee Kwang Young’s delicate directing. As Director Lee said, “There was not a single actor who lied in their acting,” the chemistry of Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Sung Joon, Hani, and Kim Ye Won will enliven the story even more so. 

Meanwhile, Call It Love will be released on Disney Plus on the 22nd.

Source: Disney Plus

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