Jung Hae In and Ko Kyung Pyo’s ‘Connect’ Confirms its December Premiere and Drops a New Poster

connect jung hae in
connect jung hae in
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney confirmed the release date of Connect and dropped its main trailer with its main poster.

Connect follows an immortal man named Dong Soo of a new race called ‘Connect’ who gets kidnapped by organ traffickers and loses an eye. When he finds out that his lost eye has been transplanted to a serial killer who caused a massive uproar in the country, he starts to chase him down. The upcoming series was invited to the 27th Busan International Film Festival and grabbed a lot of attention from viewers.

The main poster has ‘Connect’ Dong Soo (played by Jung Hae In) giving a sharp look, with an eye missing due to his encounter with an organ trafficking organization. Jin Seop (Ko Kyung Pyo), who received his eye, stands on the left side of Dong Soo’s face, staring straight ahead into space. The rising tension between the two hints at the thrilling chase they’re about to embark on. Dong Soo’s mysterious advocate Lee Rang (Kim Hye Joon), who knows the secret behind ‘Connect,’ adds to the mysterious tension in the series.

The trailer further raises the tension as serial killer Jin Seop and Connect Dong Soo engage in a chase. The murderer shocks the nation with his bizarre display of murder victims, and Dong Soo realizes that his sight has been connected to the notorious serial killer. The thrilling story will unfold as a mysterious girl named Lee Rang appears in front of Dong Soo to help him out while the police and crime ring chase them close by their tails.

Disney Plus original series Connect will drop on December 7th.

Source: Disney Plus

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