‘Weak Hero Class 1’ Drops New Still Photos Featuring Park Ji Hoon’s Intense Transformation

weak hero class 1 kdrama
weak hero class 1 kdrama
Credit: Wavve

Park Ji Hoon‘s impressive transformation in Wavve original series Weak Hero Class 1 is going viral.

Weak Hero Class 1 follows model student Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon) as he goes up against countless violence alongside the first friends he made, Ahn Su Ho (Choi Hyun Wook) and Oh Bum Seok (Hong Kyung). The show will deal with the friendship and growth of teenagers who fight against violence to protect what’s special to them.

Stepping into the role of Yeon Si Eun, Park Ji Hoon has heralded a different face that he has never shown before. “I put a lot of effort into practicing showing Si Eun’s emotions through eyes even when he keeps an emotionless face,” the artist shared. With Weak Hero Class 1, he’ll be challenging his first-ever action genre. “I was particularly drawn to the unique and new action of Yeon Si Eun, who uses his intelligence to fight, and the expressionless and emotionless character I’ve never tried before.”

weak hero class 1 kdrama
Credit: Wavve

Looking at the released stills, it seems like Park Ji Hoon’s transformation was successful. He perfectly created Yeon Si Eun, who is interested in nothing but studying as if he’d built a wall against the world, with chic eyes and simple facial expressions. How he’ll change after meeting the two friends will be one of the key points of the show.

“Park Ji Hoon was the perfect casting for Yeon Si Eun,” an official from Wavve shared. “Not only does he have similar looks, but even his low-mid voice matches Si Eun’s seriousness. Also, the acting prowess he’s solidified since his child actor days flawless takes the center of the series. His performance in the action scenes shows eye-catching quality thanks to his sincere effort.”

Meanwhile, the entire series of Weak Hero Class 1 will be released on Wavve on November 18th.

Source: Wavve

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