Takashi Miike on Working with Jung Hae In and Ko Kyung Pyo in His New Disney Plus Series ‘Connect’

connect film jung hae in
connect film jung hae in
Credit: News1

On the 7th, the new Disney Plus original series Connect held a press conference to commemorate its official invitation to the Busan International Film Festival. Director Takashi Miike, Jung Hae In, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Kim Hye Joon attended the event.

Connect follows Dong Soo (Jung Hae In), one of the new immortal humans named “Connect,” after he loses an eye to organ traffickers. When he realizes that his eye was transplanted into the body of a serial killer who’s turned the country upside down, he starts a thrilling pursuit after him.

“This was my first time for many things,” Miike said. “My first OTT project and my first Korean project. I had to come to Korea to get ready for the production, but I couldn’t because of COVID-19. It was surprising how I could work through Zoom and video calls.” He then went on, “At the time, I thought, ‘Is it even possible to work in this condition?’ and I was really worried. But at the time, Jung Hae In told me, ‘I’m on your side no matter what. Just do whatever you want to do,’ and that gave me a lot of strength.”

connect film jung hae in
Credit: News1, SBS News, Munhwa News

The director then talked about what it was like working with the actors. About Jung Hae In, Miike used the word “devoted.” “There are actors who care more about how they look in the work rather than the work itself, but Jung Hae In was so kind to all the staff. I was relieved whenever he came to the set, and I could feel that he really wanted to work together to make a good drama.”

About Ko Kyung Pyo, Miike commented, “He’s sometimes late,” giving a big laugh. Then he continued, “But even that was so adorable that I could not dislike him. And he changes completely when the cameras are turned on. He has a perfect balance between when he’s shooting and not shooting. His concentration in front of the cameras really surprised me.”

Jung Hae In recalled, “I had to act with an eye patch, so my eyesight got a little worse. And when I was doing action scenes with the eyepatch, I couldn’t feel the distance properly, and because of that, there were some dangerous moments.”

Ko Kyung Pyo will be making a shocking transformation into a villain. “My biggest purpose in acting is to show a different side of me in every project, and the effort and the process in accomplishing it is my pleasure,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Connect will be released in December.

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