Things to Look for in Coming Episodes of ‘Big Mouth’: Big Mouse’s Identity, Unpublished Thesis & Dark Connection

who is big mouse
who is big mouse
Credit: MBC

Starting with episode 9, MBC’s Big Mouth has officially started the second act, heralding an even more exciting story. We look at what to look for in the coming episodes.

First, attention focuses on the real identity of “Big Mouse.” Who is this guy who rescues Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) at every moment of crisis? And why is he helping him?

As Jerry (Kwak Dong Yeon), who was a strong candidate for Big Mouse, turned out to be nothing more than a helper, the search for Big Mouse returned to the starting point. Nevertheless, the speculations continue. There’s a possibility that Park Chang Ho, who’s pretending to be Big Mouse, might actually be deceiving everyone. Or maybe someone playing a small role in the story, like Chang Ho’s friend Kim Soon Tae (Oh Eui Shik), might be holding the key to a twist. Still, the mayor of Gucheon (Kim Ju Hun), the warden who doesn’t hide his dark ambition (Jung Jae Sung), Noh Park (Yang Hyung Wook) who shares the same room as Chang Ho are all suspicious.

Besides, there might also be a chance that Big Mouse is not an individual. In the flashback scene, it was revealed that Park Chang Ho was from an orphanage, and we can’t ignore the possibility that Big Mouse is an organization moving systematically in a shadow.

Moreover, the unpublished thesis of Professor Seo Jae Yong (Park Hoon), the cause of the murder at Gucheon Hospital, has emerged as a major point of the series; the V.I.Ps even went to killing to stop it from getting published. Additionally, Han Jae Ho (Lee Yoo Joon), one of the V.I.Ps, showed extreme fear toward the thesis, saying, “The moment I open my mouth, I’ll be in hell even if I’m alive.”

Go Mi Ho (YoonA) found out that the thesis is now in the hands of Jang Hye Jin (Hong Ji Hee) after a persistent pursuit and persuaded her to hand it over to Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won) for a deal. What exactly is the thesis about and what kind of a ripple effect will it have?

Lastly, another key point is the Gucheon Hospital and Gucheon Prison, which seem like two separate institutions but clearly have some dirty connections. As Go Mi Ho has seen, there are a couple of suspicious circumstances in Gucheon Hospital. And the “closed” tendency of the hospital starts with Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon), raising curiosity.

Here, strange things were spotted at Gucheon Prison, which seemed to have no connection with the hospital other than volunteer work. While something fishy was witnessed as volunteers from the hospital collected blood in the name of physical examination, a prisoner suddenly vomited blood and collapsed. With this, you know that the two institutions have secret connections.

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