‘Alchemy of Souls 2’ to Premiere in December But Without Jung So Min

Alchemy of Souls season 2
Alchemy of Souls season 2
Credit: tvN

Jung So Min won’t be a part of Alchemy of Souls 2.

While season 2 of tvN’s hit series Alchemy of Souls is in the midst of filming, attention focuses on whether Jung So Min will reprise her role or not.

According to Star News, the filming will conclude by the end of this fall, The new season will most likely premiere in December. Alchemy of Souls is a fantasy romance drama set in a country that doesn’t exist in history or on maps. It follows the protagonists whose fate has been twisted due to the soul-shifting magic.

The show was originally planned as 2-part series. The first part, which premiered on June 18th, ends with episode 20 on the 28th. Part 2, set to premiere later this year, will be released as a 10-episode series.

Alchemy of Souls season 2
Credit: tvN

However, Jung So Min won’t be starring in part 2. The actress will be replaced with Go Youn Jung (playing the same role Mu Deok). According to a source, Jung So Min hasn’t been a part of the filming for part 2 from the beginning. The agencies and the network are keeping everything hush-hush due to spoiler issues, but the news about Go Youn Jung joining the cast instead of Jung So Min has already spread in the industry.

The reason for the replacement will be explained in the final episode of part 1. The production team responded, “We can’t give any specific details regarding Jung So Min or the story since it’s a spoiler. Please check the show.”

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  • How can they not have Jung So Min in season 2? That’s infuriating. whose bright idea was that? Only Netflix and their greedy stupidity would let that happen!I am beyond upset. after 20 episodes it’s a big cheat.Just end with 20 episodes and call it a day. FURIOUS.

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