UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok Apologizes After Getting Accused of Animal Abuse

UP10TION Kim Woo Seok
Kim Woo Seok animal abuse
Credit: W Korea

UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok was accused of animal abuse.

Recently, some raised their voices of concern about the well-being of Kim Woo Seok’s pets. The concerns began when the singer revealed that he had welcomed a new cat into his family. He already had two dogs, dda-dda and ppo-ppo.

According to the posts accusing him of animal abuse, Kim Woo Seok was constantly seen lifting the dogs with their arms and handling them in a rough manner, such as grabbing the dogs by the front paws and waving them.

Kim Woo Seok animal abuse
Credit: Online Community
Kim Woo Seok animal abuse
Credit: Online Community
Kim Woo Seok animal abuse
Credit: Online Community

Additionally, the posts stated that the artist had told his fans that his manager is the one who mostly takes care of the dogs including grooming and cleaning and that he’d never washed the dogs himself. “You can tell by looking at how he treats his pets,” the post read. “He doesn’t even know what’s the proper way of holding the dogs. He also adopted three pets in a short time, and they’re all pedigree dogs (meaning they were bought rather than adopted).”

Kim Woo Seok animal abuse
Credit: Online Community

After the post gained attention, people commented: “It seems overwhelming for him to even raise one pet. Why is he bringing so many of them?” “Is it just me, or does his dog look sad?” or “He’s treating them like they’re toys.”

However, it seems like the idol was aware of the concerns because he left a short message on the Bubble app. “I am putting effort to be well aware of the situation!” he wrote. “I am also giving a second thought to my wrongdoings and criticisms. I will put more effort and will study more.” He then added, “I’ll try to study more so that the babies can also be happier!”


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