IU Says She Changed the Swear Words to Korean in ‘Broker’

IU Movie Broker
IU Movie Broker
Credit: ZAPZEE

IU talked about cursing in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s movie Broker.

On May 31st, the Broker cast and director Hirokazu Kore-eda came together for the press conference. IU shared her excitement on this day, “It’s my first commercial film, and it was amazing to have worked with such amazing actors. I am stunned and excited because many people have welcomed me since we returned home yesterday. I hope a lot of people will see the movie.”

The line IU says in the movie penetrates the message of Broker. “I started crying from the moment I read that line,” she said. “I first thought that I’d have to deliver it sadly, but when I went to the set, I found that there was no need for that. So Young didn’t have to sound sad, so I just said it calmly.” IU then cheered for her character, saying, “It may be a later start than others, but I want to say that I congratulate and support you for having the courage to go out into the world.”

IU Movie Broker
Credit: ZAPZEE

The actress also mentioned saying cuss words for the movie. “The words that director Kore-eda wrote had a hint of Japanese nuance. So I cautiously asked him if I could change them into more Korean-style swear words, and he said yes, so I carefully selected some swear words to complete the lines. It was my first time saying those words so loudly while acting.”

Song Kang Ho chimed in, “What surprised me was her performance that followed the swear words. Her kicking the back of the seat while Kang Dong Won and I were in a van was an improv. I was really surprised, and that made the scene look so natural. IU constantly surprised me with her acting.”

Meanwhile, Broker follows the unexpected and special journey of those intertwined over a baby box. The movie is slated to release on June 8th.

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