Kim Hye Yoon Talks About ‘The Girl on a Bulldozer,’ Playing Different Characters, and More

Kim Hye Yoon The Girl on a Bulldozer
Kim Hye Yoon The Girl on a Bulldozer
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Kim Hye Yoon opened up about her movie The Girl on a Bulldozer and her beliefs as an actress.

Looking at her filmography, it’s clear that Kim Hye Yoon has made many challenges, taking on very different roles. “It’s not like I deliberately take on different roles,” the actress shared. “But I think my desire to write new records in terms of the roles I play has naturally led me to pursue something new. Maybe subconsciously, I’ve been craving new roles.”

In the movie The Girl on a Bulldozer, Kim Hye Yoon played the feisty girl Hye Young. “I think everyone has that ‘red button’ so they won’t cross that line,” she explained. “But I thought that Hye Young is the type of person who has that button pressed more often than others.” What was it like playing the role? Kim Hye Yoon answered, “Incidents continue to happen to Hye Young, and she has to get mad in those situations. So it was tough physically. I had to have nutritional supplements while filming.”

Kim Hye Yoon The Girl on a Bulldozer
Credit: @star1

But the actress says that she’s gained so much through Hye Young. “I gave the best of my ability at the time and analyzed the role in-depth,” said Kim Hye Yoon. “So I’m sure it’ll be a movie that’ll remain in my memory when I grow old and look back on my life.”

Kim Hye Yoon was cast in the remake of the movie Ditto. “I play Yeo Jin Goo’s first love and a freshman with the best score. It’s my first time playing somebody’s first love, so I’m excited.”

What drives her to play such different roles all the time? The answer the actress gave was regret. “The questions like ‘Why did I interpret [the role] like that?’ or ‘Why did I act like that?’ and my desire to improve are what drives me.”

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