Jeon Mi Do Reveals Why She Shed Tears at Son Ye Jin’s Wedding

Thirty Nine Son Ye Jin Jeon Mi Do
Thirty Nine Son Ye Jin Jeon Mi Do
Credit: Bistus Entertainment

Jeon Mi Do revealed why she shed tears at Son Ye Jin’s wedding. The Thirty-Nine actress tied the knot on March 31st, the same day her drama aired its last episode.

The actress revealed that she and Kim Ji Hyun burst into tears as they walked into the bridal suite. Jeon Mi Do shared, “When I looked at her in the gorgeous wedding gown, I felt like watching my old childhood friend getting married.” She added, “I was all emotional because I played the character who really wanted Cha Mi Jo (played by Son Ye Jin) to become happy with her other half.”

Thirty Nine Son Ye Jin Jeon Mi Do
Credit: JTBC

In fact, through the drama, the three lead actresses of the same age has maintained their ‘true friendships.’ Jeon Mi Do commented, “We have much in common with our characters from the show. For instance, Son Ye Jin is a very bright individual who has solid leadership qualities, and Kim Ji Hyun is a loving and caring person who isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said.”

In the show’s last episode, Cha Mi Jo and Jang Joo Hee invited those who were on Chan Young’s list to a special brunch gathering. The scene is considered one of the most iconic moments as Chan Young bid her heartbreaking farewells to her beloved friends. Jeon Mi Do said, “After filming the scene, I could not pull myself together. So I cried a lot in front of the actress who played my mother. I remember making eye contact with a cast member. Their eyes were also all teary.”

The star added, “I feel like I have finally discovered my true self after turning 40. I want to become a more of a humane and humble person, and I want to be remembered as the role I played rather than as actor Jeon Mi Do. I wish some would remember me as Chae Song Hwa in Hospital Playlist and Jung Chan Young in Thirty-Nine.”

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