Teaser for ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ Shows Lee Kwang Soo Screaming in Terror

Lee Kwang Soo drama
Lee Kwang Soo drama
Credit: tvN

tvN’s new drama The Killer’s Shopping List (literal title) dropped a legacy teaser.

The Killer’s Shopping List is a supermarket comic investigation drama in which a mart owner, cashier, and police officer investigate a mysterious murder case that took place in the neighborhood using receipts as clues. Missing and The Accidental Detective 2: In Action director Lee Eon Hee and The Ghost Detective writer Han Ji Wan have come together for the production. The drama boasts an impressive cast, including Lee Kwang Soo, Seolhyun, Jin Hee Kyung, and more.

The production team released a teaser containing the items that caused Ahn Dae Sung (Lee Kwang Soo) to scream.

The video starts with Ahn, a market cashier that lacks motivation. However, as someone’s shopping list is placed on the conveyor belt, his expression changes drastically. The items include ketchup poured like blood, watermelon crushed with an ax, an old teddy bear stuffed in a canned tomato sauce, and a fish with a knife stuck to its body.

Ahn’s expression that changes from one item to another draws interest. At first, he was just scanning the items, but then at the end, he freaks out. And the moment his eyes meet the eye of the fish that looked dead, he lets out a shriek. The teaser finishes with someone saying, “Please throw away the receipt,” doubling the tension.

Meanwhile, The Killer’s Shopping List confirmed the April premiere.

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