‘Forecasting Love and Weather’: 3 Reasons Why Park Min Young Can’t Help But Fall for Song Kang

Forecasting Love and Weather
Forecasting Love and Weather
Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Forecasting Love and Weather delivered thrilling fun as Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) and Lee Si Woo (Song Kang) secretly started an office romance. Let’s look at the reasons why Jin Ha Kyung, who used to say”Never to office romance,” once again went ahead with another “this damn office romance.”



Only betrayal awaited Ha Kyung, who was getting ready to marry Han Ki Joon (Yoon Park), the informant of KMA’s spokesperson’s office. She had to see her boyfriend lying in bed with another woman in the house she prepared for her newlywed life. Hearing him say, “I am sick and tired of sucking up to your ass to make you feel better,” was a great pain to her. But breaking up wasn’t the end of office romance. She had to face her ex every day at work, and their co-workers didn’t stop their gossip. And in front of Ha Kyung, Lee Si Woo came like a warm wind, saying, “The wind. You can’t see it, but they always leave traces behind.” When everyone was putting money on Ha Kyung leaving KMA, Si Woo was the only one who said, “I wish you won’t leave. Especially if it’s just to avoid him.”



Si Woo kept shaking up Ha Kyung’s world. And the dizzying night together was the start. Never wanting to be in a workplace romance again, Ha Kyung draws a clear line, saying, “I’m your boss. That’s it for us.” Si Woo enjoyed the night but not wanting to pressure her into anything, Si Woo told her, “Let’s be like adults and be nice.” Even then, he pulled up the blanket for her, put her hand on her forehead to make her realize that she had caught a cold, and prepared a medicine for her. After some time, he put his hand on her forehead to check if she had taken the meds and said, “You took the meds. Your temperature has gone down.” Si Woo’s consideration has thrown a punch to Ha Kyung’s determination to never ever get into a workplace romance again.



As soon as Si Woo realized that Ha Kyung started to grow feelings for her, he asked her, “Do you like me? Then let’s go out on a date.” But when he didn’t know about her feelings, what he said was, “I won’t ask � you out on a date just because we slept together.” But seeing her tense up standing next to him and worrying about being spotted by other employees, Si Woo decided to not miss his chance. Seeing him relentlessly mustering up his courage, Ha Kyung finally caved in to her own feelings. It was the moment their love signals reached each other. The start of the thrilling secret office romance – attention focuses on what stories will lie in front of it.


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