Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’ Announces the Casting of Go Hyun Jung, Ahn Jae Hong, and Yeom Hye Ran

Netflix Go Hyun Jung Mask Girl
Credit: IOK Company, Management mmm, ACE FACTORY

Netflix announced the cast of its new Korean original series ‘Mask Girl’.

Netflix Go Hyun Jung Mask Girl
Credit: IOK Company, Management mmm, ACE FACTORY

The popular webtoon Mask Girl will be reborn as Netflix original series. Mask Girl centers around an ordinary office worker with an inferiority complex over her looks. She hosts night shows online after covering her face with a mask and ends up getting caught up in unexpected incidents. The original webtoon received love for its charm that mixes various genres such as thriller and black comedy and a message that sharply looks into the lookism.

First, Go Hyun Jung plays Kim Mo Mi, making another shocking transformation. Kim Mo Mi dreamed of becoming an actress as a young girl. But she always feels inferior because of her looks that don’t live up to her dream. She has suffered an inferiority complex over her looks, but she feels ecstasy when she hosts internet shows with a mask on. But one day, she gets unexpectedly involved in an incident.

Ahn Jae Hong takes on the role of Joo Oh Nam, who has a crush on Kim Mo Mi. He also suffers an inferiority complex over his looks, just like Kim Mo Mi. His only pleasure in life is two watch internet shows. One day, he gets entangled with BJ Mo Mi through an unexpected incident.

Lastly, Yeom Hye Ran turns into Joo Oh Nam’s mother, Kim Kyung Ja. After living a tough life and even getting a divorce, her life revolves around her son. When her dear son goes missing, she pulls herself together and starts a chase to find him.

Meanwhile, Mask Girl is the first TV series by director Kim Yong Hoon, who won the Special Jury Award at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam with Beasts Clawing at Straws.

Source: Netflic

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