“Popping or Poppin'” Dancers Criticize MONIKA for Using a Wrong Term But Poppin Hyun Joon and Chadd Smith Say “They Mean the Same”

Street Woman Fighter MONIKA
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Which is the correct term, popping or poppin’? The debate over dancer MONIKA’s remarks is getting heated by the minute.

On the 20th, JTBC’s Knowing Bros invited a few dancers from Street Woman Fighter dancers. In this episode, MONIKA talked about street dance and its history. When it was time to introduce “popping,” she said, “All dance moves that pop is called popping. Sometimes, you take out the ‘g’ and call it ‘poppin.'”

Street Woman Fighter MONIKA
Credit: JTBC

Immediately after the broadcast, some dancers pointed out that MONIKA used the wrong term. Their claims are that the correct name is “popping” and that they “were embarrassed because her explanation was so wrong.” They even wrote, “Please correct your mistake. As a street dancer, you must know how much love the dancers have for these dances.”

However, many debated that these dancers’ reaction is over the top. As a matter of fact, the terms “popping” and “poppin'” are often used interchangeably. And as the debate went viral online, people started asking some well-known dancers for an answer.

Credit: Instagram @poppinhyunjoon79, @maddchadd

Poppin’ Hyun Joon, who is considered a pioneer of South Korean breakdancing, answered, “How can this become a problem? Popping and poppin’ are the same things.” He added, “You can read it as poppin’. And you can add poppin’ in dancers’ nicknames.”

One person even brought the issue to Step Up 3D actor Chadd Smith. To the question “There’s recently been a debate over whether POPPIN or POPPING is the correct term as a genre of dance,” Smith replied, “Same thing in my opinion.”

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