Showdown Between ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ and ‘IDOL: The Coup’

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Credit: SBS, JTBC

Let Me Be Your Knight has outperformed IDOL: The Coup in viewership ratings.

SBS’ Let Me Be Your Knight and JTBC’s IDOL: The Coup both premiered this week, on the 7th and 8th, respectively. Even before they premiered their first episodes, the two shows were compared as they both present stories of idol singers.

According to Nielsen Korea, Let Me Be Your Knight recorded nationwide viewership ratings of 2.1 percent, while IDOL: The Coup scored ratings of 0.751 percent.

Although it’s difficult to compare the two shows, given that they are from two different networks and that they started off with a time gap of a day, it is clear that Let Me Be Your Knight performed significantly better than IDOL: The Coup.

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This is not to say that IDOL: The Coup cannot achieve better results in the future. The drama is slowly garnering attention for featuring an unsuccessful idol group named Cottom Candy that already has a set a date for their disbandment after six years of trying.

Let Me Be Your Knight depicts the bickering romance between In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun) and Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun Young). Their romance blossoms as In Yoon Joo takes up a job as a live-in therapist for Yoon Tae In, the leader of the idol band Luna, who suffers from a sleeping disorder.

Previously, Imitation, a KBS drama series about idol singers, had recorded average viewership ratings of 1 percent. It remains to be seen whether Let Me Be Your Knight and IDOL: The Coup will be able to open new doors for idol dramas.


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