‘Idol: The Coup’ Will Realistically Tell the Sadness and Frustration of K-pop Stars

drama Idol The Coup

JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday series ‘Idol: The Coup‘ focuses on the sadness and frustration hidden behind the splendid appearances of K-pop stars on stage.

drama Idol The Coup
Credit: JTBC

On the 8th, Idol: The Coup held its online press conference. The drama tells the story of the youth who confidently throw their resignation at their dreams.

Director Noh Jong Chan shared, “When I think of this project, three things come to mind. The fierce discussion I had with the writer, the actors who exhausted themselves with passionate performance, and the hardworking staff that tried to capture that.” He added, “With the drama, you will get to see the hidden world behind the glamour K-pop world.”

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Hani took on the role of Jenna, the leader of the girl group Cotton Candy.” Looking at the script, it didn’t feel like a stranger’s story,” she said. “The me from the past that exists in all time received a lot of comforts. People in a similar situation will also receive comfort.”

“I thought that I had to find the moments that best suited Jenna to play her well. So I read my past diaries and watched the reality shows I filmed,” she continued. “At the table read, I introduced myself as EXID’s Hani. If I weren’t Hani, I wouldn’t have been able to play this role. Acting as a team leader, I learned how powerful and amazing ‘us, together’ is.”

drama Idol The Coup
Credit: JTBC

Lovers in the Red Sky actor Kwak Si Yang once again played a villain role in Idol: The Coup. “Cha Jun Hyuk is different from my previous villain roles. He might start off as a villain, but it would feel like he turns over a new leaf later on,” he shared. “The world they live in looks glamorous, and they look like they are getting so much love, but our drama exposes the parts that are not.”

Kim Min Kyu plays Seo Ji Han, the leader of global K-pop group “Mas,” and takes on his first-ever lead role in a TV series. “Since the moment I met the director for the first time, he has helped me to relieve the pressure. Now, I’m enjoying it,” he said.

drama Idol The Coup
Credit: JTBC

The members of Cotton Candy, the girl group in the series, are played by actual K-pop idols, except for Han So Eun. The actress commented, “I was never an actual idol, so there were lots of things in the script that I didn’t know and couldn’t understand. So every time, I asked our members for help.”

Director Noh added, “About 300 people auditioned (for the roles). And that’s how Cotton Candy was born. I believe that characters worthy of support in all ways, acting-wise and performance-wise, have been created.”

Meanwhile, Idol: The Coup � will premiere on the 8th at 11 PM KST.

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