‘You Raise Me Up’ Yoon Si Yoon Says He Had No Hesitations About Playing a Role with Erectile Dysfunction

drama You Raise Me Up
drama You Raise Me Up
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“I’m looking forward to the moment when I stand tall.” This is what Yoon Si Yoon said as he compared himself to his role Yong Shik, who ends up standing proudly, in the online interview about his drama You Raise Me Up.

You Raise Me Up is a sexy comedy that tells the story of Yong Shik, a jobless man with erectile dysfunction, reuniting with his first love Luda as his urologist. With her help, he learns how to stand up tall as the hero of his own life.

Didn’t he feel pressured by the subject of erectile dysfunction? The actor answered, “I didn’t hesitate at all. A patient with erectile dysfunction getting better with the doctor who is his first love. It’s such a clear and witty topic. Many of the viewers approved it as a fun topic rather than being appalled by it. I’m glad about that.”

Viewers did not spare support for the character Yong Shik, who has low self-esteem. “I thought I was a person with low self-esteem. But studying, seeing, and observing many people with low self-esteem, I realized that I had high self-esteem thanks to all the love I received. It took a lot to kill the energy that Yoon Si Yoon had. I had to show Yong Shik by not expressing and holding everything in.”

Yoon also expressed pride in Yong Shik’s growth. “He grows up every step of the way. It was a lot of fun. Just like how Yong Shik slowly found pride in himself, I felt how I’ve gotten sturdier and happier.”

Did Yoon ever hit rock bottom as Yong Shik did? “Actually, I’m still overcoming it. Even before the public recognized me as an actor, I was equated with the number’ 50%.’ A rookie actor took the lead in the drama (Bread, Love and Dreams) and surpassed viewer ratings of 50%. Because of that, the question ‘what’ll be the ratings this time?’ always followed me around. If the results were disappointing, it would hurt me, and I’d be stuck in a slump.”

Yoon Si Yoon and Hani
Credit: wavve

The actor didn’t forget to mention Hani, his co-star. “Whenever I turned on the TV during my military service, it was to see female idols, most of the time. And the most popular group at the time was EXID. Without exaggerating, I saw her like 200 to 300 times. She’s like the star for me, so it was nice to be able to work with her.”

Regarding playing romance with Hani, he commented, “Romance is not about how I act, but about focusing on the other person’s emotions, eyes, and language and reacting to what I feel from that. And that’s not easy. I have enough on my plate with what I have to do. But Hani made me feel comfortable and took such good care of me like a friend, a sister, and a lover.”

It’s been more than ten years since Yoon debuted as an actor. “When I was a rookie, I thought, ‘What should I do more?’ But now, I rehearse with actors more and focus more on the acting. I realized that this is very important – for better performance, there needs to be union and solidarity.”


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