Bae In Hyuk Reveals How He Made Hyeri’s Heart Flutter When He Confessed His Feelings On-Screen

Bae In Hyuk drama

Bae In Hyuk dramaCredit: tvN, KBS

Bae In Hyuk‘s clever move is notable. After finishing tvN My Roommate is a Gumiho and KBS At a Distance Spring is Green, he confirmed his appearance in SBS Why Oh Soo Jae. It is no exaggeration to say that he had only started off as a web drama rookie, and in less than a couple of years, he had become a promising star.

In My Roommate is Gumiho, Bae In Hyuk played Gye Sun Woo, who grows a crush on Lee Dam despite being stuck in her friend zone. Meanwhile, In At a Distance Spring is Green, he played Nam Soo Hyun, who gives up his friendship and love so he can stick to reality.

He shot both works at the same time. “The filming schedules of the two dramas overlapped a bit in the beginning. It wasn’t easy because the characters in the two works were the complete opposite of each other. Some parts were physically challenging, but I learned a lot from working under such circumstances. It was an honor to be able to do both works.”

Bae In Hyuk drama
Credit: Fides Spatium

Since both works are pre-produced dramas, I was able to catch the live broadcast. “Looking back, I think I could have expressed the emotions a little more clearly. Personally, I was satisfied with my performance because the two characters each had its distinctive personality. But, I can’t speak for the viewers.”

Bae In Hyuk had his first leading role in the terrestrial TV series, At a Distance Spring is Green. He shared, “My biggest concern was that I joined the shooting late rather than starring as the main character. I was very nervous when I first met the actors on the set. Fortunately, I got along pretty well with Ji Hoon. Ji Hoon has a very cheerful personality. Because we talked a lot about scenes and spent much time together, we quickly became good friends. I think that made us create good chemistry.”

Gye Seon Woo meets Lee Dam in My Roommate is Gumiho and goes through many changes for the first time in his life with the pain of love. He said, “It was not easy to get the knack of the character because Seon Woo is such a self-centered man who is like the opposite of me. I talked a lot with the director about the things I was having trouble with. And by doing so, I began to understand a lot about Seon Woo.”

Bae In Hyuk drama
Credit: Fides Spatium

The scene where he confessed his feelings for his co-star, Hyeri, became a hot topic. Regarding this, he shared, “I remember Hyeri telling me, ‘My heart fluttered for real’ when we were shooting the scene. When I couldn’t hold back my tears on the scene where I had to, she teased me, by saying ‘Why are you crying?’ I want to thank her for helping me so much.”

How would he remember these last two works? “I could learn and grow while starring in these two series. In that respect, I think that the next project will also be another challenge for me. I hope everyone stays tuned for my next work.”


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