SNSD’s Yuri Shares Final Thoughts on ‘Bossam: Steal The Fate’ & Hints at Possible Group Comeback

Kwon Yuri drama
Kwon Yuri drama
Credit: SM Entertainment

SNSD’s Yuri took another step forward as an actress.

In Bossam: Steal the Fate, which recently ended with the highest ratings on MBN, Kwon played the role of Soo Kyung, the princess of the Joseon Dynasty whose fate is changed overnight with the act of “bossam,” meaning “secretly wrapping up a widow and taking her away in the middle of the night to be remarried to a single man.” Initially, Soo Kyung had no choice but to live up to the wishes of her in-laws after having lost her husband. However, she starts a new life as she meets a rogue kidnapper Bau (Jung Il Woo).

Kwon Yuri shared her thoughts on ending her latest drama and her future plans during an interview with Sports Donga.

Kwon Yuri Bossam drama
Credit: MBN
Bossam ended on a high note on the 4th, scoring an average nationwide rating of 9.8 percent and a peak of 11.2 percent.
“It’s always sad to wrap up a series, but it was especially hard for me to finish shooting Bossam. We had such incredible teamwork with the director, writer, respected actors, and staff, so I think the whole production would leave a good memory in me. Initially, because it was my first historical series, I had my worries. But I was able to blend in quickly as everyone helped me get tuned to the role. The ratings and responses were good, so I was more empowered. I have nothing but gratitude for the people who loved the series.”
Soo Kyung meets Bau and falls in love with him, saying that her own fate has led her to live a “fun life.” Wasn’t it difficult for her to draw a passionate romance with Bau, who stole her away? She answered, “Soo Kyung is a representative figure who feels trapped in social oppression. Through Bau, she witnesses the people who are having a hard time with her own eyes, realizing that not every standard she maintained was right. Playing her allowed me to have a new experience. So I think I had no choice but to fall for Bau, who was willing to risk everything for me.”
Kwon Yuri drama
Credit: SM Entertainment

Bossam is the work that allowed the viewers to rediscover Kwon Yu Ri’s talent as an actor. Because she has certainly proved her ability to lead a series as the main cast. Regarding such remarks, she said, “I’m very grateful to hear the compliments. I wish I could be satisfied with my acting, but I think I’m not quite on the stage yet.”

She hinted at her group activities as Girls’ Generation’s Yuri. She said, “Actress Kwon Yu Ri and singer Yuri are both very important. I cannot separate them from me. I think all of them make me who I am now. So I can’t choose to be one or the other. Girls’ Generation is always a warm group. It is like a place like home. Right now, the members are working really hard in their respective positions. As they stay active, we are always open to new opportunities. We talk a lot and think about what would be the best shot. Please stay tuned for our come back!”


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