Three Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to Watch ‘Hospital Playlist 2’

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Hospital playlist is back. The warm stories, authentic chemistry among actors, and teamwork between director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung, who have been working together since the Reply series, have all received much love. Before its premiere on the 17th (Thursday), director Shin Won Ho unveiled three keywords that explain Hospital playlist 2.


Season 1 gained empathy from the viewers through the power and sincerity of small stories. Director Shin Won Ho said, “Everyone who creates a story hopes to receive empathy. By doing so I have already achieved my goal.” He also spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic has been ongoing since the preparation of season 1 began. He said, “I hope the show will be able to help people remember our old daily lives, and think ‘Oh, that’s how it used to be,’ at a time where we must still wear masks and maintain social distancing.



Viewers were captivated by the humanity of the show’s characters. The show received positive reviews, in particular, due to a vision of warmth that is created through capturing the deep emotions and humor present in ordinary people’s life stories. Director Shin Won Ho said, “We aren’t trying to change the emotions or atmosphere of Hospital Playlist. The warm style of the show will continue with season 2, but will portray deeper stories and relationships.”


Sense of Rhythm

Hospital playlist takes place in Yulje Medical Center. The story revolves around the professors from five different departments (Excerptics, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic, Gynecology, and Neurosurgery), friends of the same age, hospital staff, patients, and their families. The series allowed the viewers to dive into the shows by rhythmically conducting various episodes, focusing on numerous characters, and delicately making the overall harmony. Director Shin Won Ho said, “The goal of season 2 was to keep the same tone as the first season. We wish to develop the series further than making it refreshing, so please look forward to it.”


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