‘Fight for My Way’ Meeting Viewers Again as a Webtoon

Credit: KBS

KBS series, Fight for My Way will return to fans after four years. 

Fight for My Way, which aired in 2017, will be recreated as a webtoon of the same name. Fight for My Way is a show about young people’s romance and growth who doesn’t have what society wants. Although they are forced to live ’a minor league player’s life,’ they refuse to give up and continue their courageous lives.

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won received great love from viewers of all ages for their romantic chemistry and well-developed stories. At the time of the broadcast, it had 13.8 percent in viewership. Plus, it ended on a high note, achieving the highest viewer ratings in the same time slot. 

Four years after its finale, Fight for My Way is officially gearing up to make the webtoon happen. Expectations are already rising for how the webtoon will turn out to tell the story of the youths. Meanwhile, the webtoon version of Fight for My Way will be available on various platforms such as Naver and Kakao.


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