Jang Ki Yong and Krystal’s Netflix Original Movie ‘Sweet & Sour’ Revealed Its First Teaser

The movie Sweet & Sour released its teaser.

The teaser begins with Jang Hyuck (Jang Ki Yong), and Da Eun’s (Chae Soo Bin) daily life full of joy, quickly turning into an icy relationship. Da Eun is a nurse who works on a three-shift system. And Jang Hyuck newly started his outsourced contract-based job in a major corporation. Unlike the sweet beginning, they begin to have a toxic relationship where they fight and hurt each other. Furthermore, as Jang Hyuk gets a new job at a far distance from his girlfriend, he meets a new charming girl Bo Young (Krystal). Soon, his heart begins to sway.

The film is a new work by Lee Gye Byuk, who directed Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, and Lucky. It would accurately reflect the variations of flavor in relationships over time, such as the sweet taste of new relationships and the salty and bitter taste of breakups.

Jang Ki Yong, Chae Soo Bin, and Krystal completed a vibrant lineup to portray the bitterness of love and gain the audience’s sympathy.

Sweet and Sour will premiere on Netflix on June 4th.


Source: Netflix

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