“He Wiped His Hands Away After Touching Seohyun” Kim Jung Hyun’s Past Actions Become Controversial

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Amid Kim Jung Hyun’s dispute against his agency O& Entertainment regarding the exclusive contract, his attitude during filming Time recently rose to the surface. The series is a work that the actor previously dropped out of.

According to SBS Entertainment’s news report on the 11th, he was touchy about the romantic scenes in MBC’s Time. Despite the set plans for the shoot, he would ask the writer to minimize the scenes he had to be affectionate with the actress. Once he left the show, the screenwriter had to take care of the mess as the series had gone through many changes since he dropped out.

Seohyun also reportedly had an unpleasant experience with him. As Kim Jung Hyun‘s counterpart in the series, she seemed to take a toll in the show’s press conference.

Although his character should have been deeply in love with hers, a staff working for Seohyun said that Jeong Hyun would not even make eye contact with Seohyun. The shocking revelations continued, as they also revealed that once, he also wiped his hands away with a wet wipe immediately after coming into contact with Seohyun’s hand while shooting. It may have been a misunderstanding, but Seohyun burst into tears when she noticed. Though Kim Jung Hyun apologized after the agency’s CEO tried to resolve the problem, his attitude did not change much.

Credit: MBC

Some officials stated that this was because of his girlfriend, who was also an actress. However, Kim Jung Hyun denied this himself.

People online responded to this, saying, “his personality is seriously odd,” “I thought he would retire, but I guess I was wrong.” And they continued, “I feel so sorry for Seohyun,” “he’s covering up his attitude problem with the health issues.”


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  • Do netizens have a lot of time to discuss such nonsense? Go on your own retirement and get on with your life!

  • Take Bts as an example….gorgeous people and gentlemen all the way….makes them more beautiful! My Goodness… look at you and your ugly smirk!

    • why insert bts(nazi kings) dumbass. saying ugly to other people? look at yourself first

  • He should be out of entertainment business if his actions is like that.
    If he was undergoing mental health issues he should ask a professional help before going back into show business.
    Why the management let this happen to his co-actor? Very disappointing.

  • Not to be mean but I wipe my hands after shaking people hands. Just because you are a actor doesn’t mean this you have good Habits about keeping clean

  • Even though I am not, a lot of people are scared to death of COVID-19. I know that my daughter’s MIL is. I still go shopping, doctors appointments, eating out, family gatherings, etc.. I don’t let the virus rule my life. If that is his problem, so be it. The so-called fans in South Korea and other Asian countries, do not sound like true fans to me. The actors/actresses are human,. Let them be human.

  • Past is past. Why dig again old controversy? just because he is gaining more popularity. He also suffered from this controversy having depression, eating and sleeping disorder. That is why he was prescribe by his doctor to recieve treatment and so he asked the director that he would quit his work. He is also human and he too overworked. This is just a tactic to misunderstood and down grade a person just to gain from him.

  • To me I can’t blame him cause he might have OCD or some health issues but the actress that started crying because of wiping of his is hand is behaving very childish he wipe it that his own problem and you can your your own too if something later if it happens to you

  • Just making controversy for him.Because he has conflict with is agency.OH!is that the way the handle artist after all the already invest for there artist.what mentally mindset the have.

  • I think some people judge actors and actresses too fast. Although they are always in the public eye does not mean they are not human. They have emotions and they have rights just like you and I. They are not perfect. Everyone has their own pet peeves and their own eccentricities. Don’t judge their actions so fast without really knowing what is behind all of this.

  • He just takegoodcaring of his self due of the pandemic covid-19.i watched thier drama show and i loved it but in the end of the drama,is sad because my idol (kim jung hyunwas died🥲more power to you my idol.

  • Honestly i still love him, so what if he doesn’t want to touch her, I’m the same I’m not very touchy with others and who knows he has his reasons, is she that mad that he doesn’t want to touch her wowwwwww so sad

  • The writer of the article seems to be doing a lot of ASSUMING and IMPLYING! There is possibly a problem the writer is unaware of.

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