“The kind one gets the last laugh” Amid Kim Jung Hyun’s Controversy, Seohyun’s Favorite Motto Catches the Eyes Again

On the 5,000th day of her debut, Seohyun is receiving both consolation and encouragement.

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Dispatch reported that Seo Ye Ji was behind Kim Jung Hyun’s odd behaviors towards Seohyun. According to the report, Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji were an item after working on Stay With Me together.

Per Seo Ye Ji’s demands, Kim Jung Hyun asked the Time director to scrub all the romance scenes with Seohyun. The screenwriter had to rewrite the entire plot throughout the show, and Seohyun had to put through so much.

For Seohyun, who started her acting career in earnest, Time was the third project in which she took the lead role. Since she has always shown great desires for the craft of acting, Time could have been a crucial turning point.

Credit: Seohyun Instagram

But despite all the struggles, Seohyun never showed any signs of trouble. She shepherded the entire production by herself as her co-star was more focused on his girlfriend than his career. Even during the press conference, the actress managed to smile till the end.

Seohyun believes the quote, “The kind one gets the last laugh.”

The people reacknowledged her sincerity and kindness with the recent scandal. In an interview hosted in 2019, Seohyun shared, “Some people tell me that being kind means being a fool. I agree in some way. However, I think the most important thing in life is to be honest with myself.” She continued, “Even if I don’t do well, I think it is awesome to live who I am, without being ashamed of myself for relying on luck.”

On Sunday, Seohyun gave an update on her Instagram amid controversy surrounding Kim Jung Hyun’s blatantly rude actions during the press conference. The actress posted several selfies with a short message, “My love, my people, I am always thankful, and I love you. Love you.”

Coincidentally, April 12th, when the report of “Seo Ye Ji and Kin Jung Hyun’s scandal” hit the wire, is also the 5,000th day of her debut. Fans continue to cheer their artist, consoling her for all that she had to endure.


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  • As an aspiring female Korean film director, I would absolutely love to cast SeoHyun as a lead actress,,,,adversity in real life is what makes acting “NOT” acting…. “real life allows a REAL actress/actor to project whatever the scene may call for from the the writer, director, producer, grip crew, lighting crew, sound crew, post edit folks, production assistants, etc. 서현 동생!ㅋㅋ 제가 지금 대본을 쓰고 있는데 주인공으로 나와 주면 안 돼요?? ㅋㅋ

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