Kim Jung Hyun, from the Dating Scandal to Conflicts with the Agency

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People spotted Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye together on the 8th. The two are known to have co-starred in tvN’s series Crash Landing on You. However, both actors have explained that they are only close colleagues. The actress’s agency, Culture Depot, clarified, “the rumor is completely false.”

Nevertheless, Dispatch reported that the two kept a secret relationship for a year. With paparazzi photos, it added proof to the rumor of their relationship. Regardless, Culture Depot stated, “the rumors of Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye are baseless. And it is certainly not the case. They are merely close colleagues and friends. It seems like there was a misunderstanding in the process in which Kim Jung Hyun discussed his contract with Seo Ji Hye as a close friend.”

Actor Kim Jung Hyun got into a tangle with his agency, O& Entertainment, over the issue of his exclusive contract.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) revealed on the 8th, “O& Entertainment submitted a petition on (Kim Jung Hyun’s) exclusive contract. He has not submitted the letter of the application needed for the mediation yet.”

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According to the agency, Kim Jung Hyun’s contract expires in May. However, they applied for dispute settlement because of the time that Kim Jung Hyun had gone into hiatus.

O& Entertainment insisted that the actor still has about 11 more months left until the contract expires because he had his time off from MBC’s Time in 2018 due to his health. The agency has submitted a petition to CEMA regarding this matter. And it seems that there would be a conflict between the actor and the agency.

An official mentioned in an interview, “when Kim Jung Hyun was leaving the show because of the health issues, there were rumors over his attitude and private matters. That is why he dropped out of the show.” The rumor further surfaced as his private life became an issue. Kim Jung Hyun is reportedly in talks to sign an exclusive contract with Seo Ji Hye’s agency, Culture Depot.


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