Shinhwa’s Eric vs. Kim Dong Wan, Their 24-Years Friendship Is Cracking Up

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Rumors of a feud between Shinhwa’s Eric and Kim Dong Wan have risen to the surface.

Eric and Kim Dong Wan have left lengthy messages on their respective social media, revealing that the two’s discord has been going on for years.

Yesterday, Eric took his personal Instagram to express his anger over how Kim criticized Eric while talking about Shinhwa activities. He wrote, “Stop gathering people to talk about things that haven’t been confirmed behind my back. If you want to talk, come to the group meeting,” and tagged Kim in his post.

“We agreed to understand the divergence we have since everyone has different ways of thinking and dealing with matters. But it seems too much for me to put through when people only listen to the one side who speak in their favor.” he continued.

When fans expressed concern, Eric replied, “I no longer have a way of contacting him personally, and it has been a long time since I had his number.”

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In response, Kim replied that there’s an “internal issue.” He wrote, “Tomorrow, I will talk with Shinhwa members. Since it is an internal conflict, we must talk to each other first.” He then added, “Aside from contacting him personally, if he had only answered back to the production team, who’s been working since last year… If he had communicated with them enough so they could prepare freely, then neither Shinhwa nor Shinhwa Changjo (Shinhwa fandom) would have experienced this.”

Eric flew off the handle at Kim’s post. Eric revealed that Kim blocked him, changed his personal phone number, and refused to participate in the Shinhwa group chat room. “You made a room upon request in the clubhouse in the last few days. You said things that we have never heard of or agreed upon as if they were official announcements. Then yesterday, you said you couldn’t make any promises because of a member who has no desire for Shinhwa activities?”

“I talked to Andy on the phone. Let’s the three of us meet tomorrow and talk. I’ll go to Seoul, so let’s face each other and talk,” Kim commented.

Shinhwa debuted in 1998 and has been the longest-running idol group in Korea for 24 years. As they have become an example and role model for many junior groups, this sudden dispute leaves much regret.

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