Kim Young Kwang’s Fearless Change Will Be Available to Be Seen on Netflix’s ‘Finger’

Actor Kim Young Kwang is to link up with Netflix.

Credit: Merry Christmas

Daily Sports was told by a drama department official on the 9th that Kim Young Kwang will be playing the main character of a Netflix original, which is an app-tracking thriller titled Finger (written by Han Ji Wan, directed by Jeong Ji Woo).

The series bases its story on an app. It is a social discovery app of the town, allowing users to talk with people all around the world and learn more information once they pay to subscribe. The story takes place in this popular app, where a minimum amount of authentication is needed. Finger touches upon a trendy subject matter in line with the era of global social media.

Credit: Sports Daily

Kim Young Kwang plays Sung Yoon Oh, the space designer in the series. He only works through word of mouth without promoting or advertising himself. The character designs everything on his own and works with companies by communicating through emails without ever showing his face. After being adopted overseas as a baby, he comes back to Korea as his adoptive parents died in an accident and inherited all their properties. It is said that there is a tremendous twist to be revealed regarding his identity. The actor is expected to change his image entirely different from before as he attempts a thriller series with astonishing performances.


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