Bae Da Hae’s Stalker Sentenced to Serve Three and a Half Years

A man in his 20s was sentenced to prison after being accused of stalking the musical actress and singer Bae Da Hae.

Credit: Bae Da Hae’s SNS

On the 8th, the prosecution asked the county to sentence the accused individual to three and a half years in prison at a resolution hearing held at the Jeonju District Court.

The individual has been charged for leaving hundreds of malicious comments on Bae Da Hae through online websites and attempting contact by following her to the waiting room. Though he started off as a fan, he eventually made insulting and threatening posts. It was also revealed that he gave Bae Da Hae a picture of a car eating a hamster when she turned his present (a hamster) down.

In a police investigation, the male in question stated that he did not know these behaviors count as a crime. However, even while being questioned by the police, the individual sent mocking messages to Bae Da Hae saying, “This will end as a fine penalty,” and “Will 10 million Won do?” The police then requested an arrest warrant stating that the victim has not been able to respond properly for a long time and suffered severely, due to her job as a celebrity.

Credit: Kyunghyang DB

Earlier, Bae Da Hae revealed on social media that she sued the individual. “After collecting enough evidence for the stalker, which I’ve been foolishly holding back on, I’ve finally completed the lawsuit,” the singer said.

The sentencing hearing for the perpetrator will be held on the upcoming 17th.


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