April’s Lee Hyun Joo Left the Group Because She was Bullied?

Allegations have been made that Lee Hyun Joo, a former April member, left the team due to the bullying in the group.

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A post was made to an online community on the 28th by a netizen who introduced himself as Lee Hyun Joo’s younger brother. The original poster (OP) said that he always wanted to talk about the truth from a few years ago. “I held it in for my sister’s future’s sake. I now think I have to speak with courage, so here I am making a post,” he wrote.

“My sister is known to have left April because she wanted to act, but that’s not true. My sister has been bullied and harassed by the group, and she suffered from panic disorder and difficulty breathing. My sister eventually attempted suicide,” he exposed.

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He continued to account for what had happened saying, “The company then told my sister to write a letter saying that she is leaving the team so that she could pursue her acting career. My sister wrote it down as told, and our family members thought that was the right thing to do for her. However, I heard about the malicious comments claiming her as a person who betrayed the team solely for her own benefits.”

Lee Hyun Joo’s brother also said that they did not receive any apologies from the members and that they laughed while passing by his mother, who went to visit the company. “I do not want to see these members active anymore,” he wrote.

Credit: Sports Daily

Regarding the issue, DSP Media told Sports Kyunghyang that they would confirm the facts. Lee Hyun Joo made her debut as a part of April in 2015 but took hiatuses a year later due to her health reasons. Later in October of the same year, she left the group saying, “I had desires to both stand as a singer from April, and as an actress. However, it has been psychologically and physically difficult for me to prepare for both activities.”


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