Dong Suh Foods Discontinues Naeun’s Advertisements

Credit: Dong Suh Foods

April member Naeun’s advertisements for Dong Suh Foods’ “Corn Flight Bar” has been scrubbed.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, Naeun’s cereal bar advertisements for Dong Suh Foods have been temporarily suspended, and internal discussions on whether to continue hiring her as their model are currently underway.

Earlier this week, a netizen who introduced himself as former April member Hyunjung’s brother sparked a controversy when he exposed that “she left the group because of members’ constant bullying.”

Such a scandal has only grown by the minute as netizens dug up proofs of bullying within the group despite DSP Media’s efforts to dismiss the issue, and various rumors surrounding Naeun, the most active April member, poured out.

Under the pressure of netizens’ eagle-eye on the matter, advertisers are continuing to erase traces of Naeun.


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