Hyunjoo’s Friend Claims that All April Members Bullied the Idol

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Amid allegations that Lee Hyunjoo left April because of some members’ constant bullying, a netizen claiming to be Hyunjoo’s close friend further enlarged the controversy by stating that all April members bullied her friend.

On March 1, an article written by A, Lee Hyunjoo’s friend, was posted on Pann Nate. A stated, “At the time, all April members bullied Hyunjoo, and there were no bystanders (except for Chaekyung and Rachel).”

“The first one who hated and tortured Hyunjoo was former April member Jeon Somin,” A continued. “Hyunjoo has left the tumbler she received from her grandmother at the dorm, but it was later found in the label’s refrigerator. It turns out, Naeun put cheonggukjang in it. And she never apologized and left it there for months.”

According to her post, Naeun stole Hyunjoo’s sneakers and insisted that they were hers until Hyunjoo showed her the names she wrote on the shoes. Members’ bullying continued, and Yena and Jinsol kept making fun of Hyunjoo and stepped on her foot on purpose.

“At the time, Chaewon was dating their manager, so he overlooked members’ bullying when he was well aware of their actions,” A wrote. “After Hyunjoo became suicidal, the agency stated that members were reflecting on their actions, so Hyunjoo and her mother visited the company. (But there), members were laughing with each other, totally ignoring Hyunjoo.”

A shared, “Hyunjoo had such bad depression that anyone close to her knew about her suicide attempts. But the perpetrators showed no signs of apology or remorse till the end, and (Hyunjoo) had to leave the group, and even then, she was forced to write a false letter saying that she is leaving for her acting career. And for that, she received tons of malicious comments.”

DSP Media is yet to release their official position regarding the issue.


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