“You want to be raped by Ko Young Wook?” April’s Naeun Comes Heavily Under Fire for Her Past Highly Inappropriate Actions

Credit: Naeun Instagram

After allegations of Hyunjoo exiting the group because of members’ constant bullying has surfaced, Naeun’s past remarks and actions are being re-examined.

On March 1, a netizen posted a screen-capture of past comments left by Naeun in 2013 on an online community. In the photo, a male student believed to be an acquaintance of Naeun wrote, “Other girls besides you hahaha,” and Naeun replied, “Do you want to be raped by Ko Young Wook, too?” The male student wrote back, “I’m sorry, girl,” to which Naeun answered, “No, girl goddess.”

Credit: online community

Ko Young Wook was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for sexually harassing and assaulting three underage girls five times from July 2010 to December 2012.

But this wasn’t the end of revelations against the idol. In the post written by a person who claims to be Hyunjoo’s younger brother, a netizen who introduced herself as Naeun’s middle school schoolmate, commented, “I was one year below him at the middle school, and she was famous for being pretty and for bullying and alienating friends.”

She wrote, “When she was in the 9th grade, an anonymous page was created for her, and half of the questions were about her school violence, bullying others, and her personality problems. Out of nowhere, Naeun replied to each question, saying, ‘i’ve changed a lot,’ ‘I’ve reflected on my actions,’ and ‘I apologize to all those who were hurt by me,’ and later she wrote on her Facebook that she became a trainee of an entertainment agency.”

Credit: Topstarnews

Another netizen A wrote on an online community, “My heart ached when I read what Hyunjoo’s brother wrote, and thought about how miserable it will be if my own sister or brother had to go through that, so I write this to support them.”

“This wasn’t a school violence where proofs are left, so I think there are a lot of people who feel frustrated because all they are left with her painful memories and emotions without definite proofs,” A continued. “From what I remember, she was a terrible student academically, and I think she had a sense of superiority and privilege compared to other students her age.”

Meanwhile, Naeun is scheduled to appear in SBS’s new drama Taxi Driver.


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