EXO’s Chanyeol Opens Up About the Controversy for the First Time Through a Heartfelt Letter

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EXO’s Chanyeol opened up his true feelings about the controversy over his private life that stirred up the online 4 months ago.

On February 24, Chanyeol took EXO’s fan community to post his sincere letter to his fans.

“Hello, this is Chanyeol.
Greetings to EXO-L after a long time.
First of all, I wanted to say that I apologize for causing concern to EXO-L, who has been waiting for a long time.
It was a time when I was so sorry that I couldn’t express it in writing and thought about EXO-L a lot.
I worried and thought a lot about how I could express my feelings to EXO-L in words.
I was so grateful for the posts and letters of support you sent me on my birthday. As I read each of them, I felt even more sorry and grateful.
I thought a lot about how I can protect the precious hearts of EXO-L and how I can make it up to you as well, and I reflected on how I will not cause you worries again.
Also, I will do my best to make it clear that you were not wrong to believe in me. It’s a day later, but I once again sincerely thank all those who always remembered my first start.. and now that time has passed, congratulated me on my ninth anniversary.
I remember and not forget my first time 9 years ago.
I won’t forget my mindset from that time.
I will definitely protect all the generous love that you’ve sent me.
EXO-L, please always stay healthy. Thank you.”

Even with this heartfelt letter, netizens are still showing two opposite reactions. Though some expressed their undying affection for the idol, saying that Chanyeol didn’t have to apologize for haters’ one-sided claims. Some, however, still asserted their discomfort, and hashtags like “Park Chanyeol Leave EXO” and “Boycott Group With Park Chanyeol” trended on Twitter.

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  • I just want to say you are free to do and feel everything Even its a mistake . You are idols who are supporting us emotionally and mentally though your songs.♥️
    And in india our government have taken few measure steps where no anti fan or fan can troll celebs,artist, or influencer on social media ,if anyone trolls them than social media platforms will file a legal complaint to government. See, this is the one example i think the Korean government should follow to protect against Kpop harassment, suicidal issues, bullying etc.
    Love from India♥️ Exo-L 🥰

  • No matter what happens i think exols will not leave him …….i hope he stays healthy for we will keep on supporting him as well.we love you and we believe you Chanyeol
    #Weareone exo

  • Kpop industry is so toxic now. I don’t know why do many knetz love bullying, pinpointing, and harassing whenever they hear baseless rumors. They tend to act as if they were perfect and never have sinned. Why do people nowadays judge people even without knowing the truth. Your comments itself can cause stress to artists and may lead them to suicide but you act as if you are so clean. Your harsh comments is already a kind of threat to them, your words cut deeper and deeper than any physical harassment. You are no different to those killer, why? Because you acted like a criminal yourself. Act humane not inhumane in order for everyone to leave in peace. Cheer up those who are feeling down. Give advice to those who has problems. Check news before believing. Forgive someone who asks for forgiveness. Everyone deserves to be loved not to be judged and feel forsaken. Always put yourselves in anyone’s shoe before judging them.

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