Chanyeol Embroiled in False Rumor with Rose + His Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Exposes His Misdeeds

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EXO’s Chanyeol is put on the chopping board. False rumors about him and BLACKPINK’s Rose dating sparked the controversy, and soon, a person claiming to be his ex-girlfriend exposed his alleged misdeeds.

Recently, a photo of Rose and Chanyeol started to spread online as “proof of their relationship.” However, it was soon revealed as a photoshopped image and was found to have been manipulated back in 2018.

Credit: The Qoo

Even the rumor itself is a headache, but soon another bomb was thrown at the idol’s face. A, a netizen claiming to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend for 3 years, exposed his misdeeds. Her disclosure contains a considerable amount of information that could do a number on Chanyeol’s image as a K-pop singer.

A started her lengthy writing with “Hi CY. I’m going to write something that I’ve never done before because of you.” She then wrote, “I’m sure you will be shocked to see this since you think we parted ways amicably. But my past 3 years, the time I was fooled by you, have become so filthy and ugly.”

“At the end of October 2017, you contacted me first saying that you got my number from an acquaintance, and like any other couple, we first flirted, and when you confessed, we became a couple,” she continued. “And recently, right before our third anniversary, I learned some shocking facts.”

“I didn’t want to believe it until I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, and when you denied it till the very end, I trusted you. But during that three years, when you and I were together, you became someone’s first man, someone’s one-night stand, and when I was sleeping, you were busy living a dirty life with new girls,” she added, shocking the public.

Regarding the women involved with him, she wrote, “There were so many various types of women like girl group members, YouTube streamers, flight attendants, and more. Did you enjoy yourself? You’re really famous. Everyone around you, except me, knew about your dirty life. It was just me and your fans who were clueless.”

A said, “I said it as a joke. If you want to cheat on me then do it secretively. And you did, many many times. From what I hear, (you cheated on me) with more than 10 women,” and added, “The funny thing about this is that you never denied knowing the names of the women you enjoyed, shared a meal and slept with. You should have at least pretended. You must think so light of me. How bold.”

“I hid all the photos I took with you and never told my friends that I had a boyfriend, worrying that if our relationship got out, it would ruin your career. I was busy protecting you because you told me you would die if your career in the music industry was affected by girl-problems,” she added, explaining that she tried her best to understand him.

Finally, A finished her post by emphasizing, “I hope the whole world knows what a jerk you are. Don’t ever contact me.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment is currently looking into the case.

Credit: The Qoo

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