[Weekly Up & Down] ‘Space Sweepers’ Global Popularity vs ‘True Beauty’ No-Mask Controversy

1. ‘Space Sweepers‘ Tops Global Netflix for Two Days in a Row

According to Flixpatrol, a ranking website for streaming contents, on the 8th Space Sweepers ranked No. 1 scoring a total of 648 points on the 7th which was the second day of its release. As it was released, Space Sweepers topped the list in 16 different countries on the 6th including Croatia, Belgium, Bulgaria, and France. On the second day of the 7th, it rose to the top ranking the first in a total of 28 countries including Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Russia. The movie rose from seventh to fifth on the North American chart and from fifth to third in Japan. Overall, Space Sweepers‘ ranking was seen to be rising.


2. The No-Mask Controversy of ‘True Beauty

Credit: Cha Eun Woo’s Instagram

True Beauty apologized after being pointed out that they violated the COVID-19 protocols while taking a group photo. In a statement released on the 7th, they apologized saying, “We apologize to have caused many people to concern about the group photo of the production team after finishing our shoot. The shoot was ended safely as the True Beauty team followed strict preventive protocols. However, the last commemorative photo caused many people to worry as we briefly took off our masks.” The controversy was lit when the lead actor of True Beauty, Cha Eun Woo, posted a group photo on his Instagram on the 5th to express his gratitude towards the team. In the photo was a team of about 100 staff members not wearing masks. Regarding this, netizens criticized that such was “not appropriate in midst of the COVID-19 situation,” and thus actors who uploaded the photo including Cha Eun Woo deleted them.


3. Kim Bo Kyung Passes Away After 11 Years of Fighting Against Liver Cancer

Credit: Studio 2.0

Actress Kim Bo Kyung had passed away on the 2nd after fighting cancer for 11 years. She was enshrined at the Busan Memorial Park. Debuted in the movie Friend in 2001, she made her face known as Jin Sook, the vocalist of the high school girl band ‘Rainbow.’ The actress later appeared in movies such as R. U. Ready?, Sword in the Moon, Epitaph, The Day He Arrives and also in dramas including Invitation, School 4, and Behind the White Tower. Kim Bo Kyung stopped appearing in works since the drama It Was Love in 2012. As the news of her death was reported, fellow actors Seo Tae Hwa and Seo Yoo Jung mourned for her on their Instagram.


4. ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘ Controversy Rises as Jun Hyun Moo Forced Moon So Ri to Act Cute


As Moon So Ri appeared on Omniscient Interfering View which was aired on the 30th of last month, she had experienced a ridiculous situation. The actress revealed that she calls her husband, director Jang Jun Hwan who is four years older, ‘director’ or ‘dear’ instead of ‘oppa,’ as she considers an equal relationship to be important in her marriage. (T/N: ‘Oppa’ is an affectionate term used by someone who identifies as a woman, to refer to someone who is older, and identifies as a man.) However, MC Jun Hyun Moo still asked Moon So Ri to “say a word to Jun Hwan oppa.” While Moon So Ri remained hesitant and reluctant, his target changed to LOONA’s Chuu. In other words, he shifted his target to the ‘weakest’ guest on the spot. As Chuu also got embarrassed, Moon So Ri eventually volunteered to do it, after not being able to bear the sight. The show’s website was flooded as angered viewers shortly after the episode, as they noted of his anachronistic remarks directed at Moon So Ri.


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