Chillin Homie Officially Apologizes for Cursing on Instagram Live

Whilst in the controversy for cursing on a live, rapper Chillin Homie (aged 23, real name Jeon Woo Sung) has released a self-written apology.

On the 29th Chillin Homie wrote on his SNS, “Yesterday morning, I cursed and said something I shouldn’t have on Instagram Live. I am sorry that my irresponsible and rash words and actions have caused many people to worry.”

The rapper continued to explain that after appearing on Show Me The Money (SMTM), he received rumors and criticisms about himself and his family. “It was such a big pain for me that I had a panic disorder, and this is how I voluntarily dropped out of SMTM. Afterward, I got weaker because of the non-stopping malicious comments, and I took this as an excuse to show a flawed side of mine. Through this opportunity, I realized that my values and thoughts I’ve lived with are wrong, and got to reflect on myself. I am sorry for hurting and causing inconvenience to many people, using my instability as an excuse. I will get a hold of myself,” he wrote.

Credit: Instagram / @chillinhomiethesavior

On the previous day, the 28th, Chillin Homie paid tribute to the late rapper Iron, who recently passed away. However, those who were uncomfortable with this tribute due to the controversies of Iron left comments which angered Chill Homie. The rapper then continued to curse out “feminists” for “not being able to tell what’s right or wrong.”

Later, Chillin Homie wrote on his Instagram story “I want to stop. It’s so hard. How am I supposed to live with all these eyes looking at me?” The controversy got bigger as he made a post saying “What’s right is right. Think carefully and get out of here if you want to. There are some parts we can’t claim to be right, but you guys also need to think straight.” As of now, all posts are deleted.

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Credit: GROOVL1N

Regarding this, his agency GROOVL1N posted an announcement on its Instagram story. “We are sorry that our artist Chillin Homie made many people worry and inconvenienced with his words and actions last night,” it claimed. The company also made it known that they would help with Chillin Homie’s worsened panic disorder and anxiety.


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